Ramadhān During COVID-19


Please read the Ramadhān guidelines below,

 You Can Download the Ramadhān Timetable Here

Things you need to be ready with when you arrive at Masjid:


✅ Make sure you are in a state of Wudu.
✅ Be ready for your temperature to be checked by one of the volunteers
✅ Bring your Prayer Mat
✅ Have your face Mask on
✅ Bring a bag for your shoes/slippers 

✅ Use the sanitizer dispenser to sanitize your hands


🛑 Maintain 1 Meter distance at all time
🛑 No Crowded areas near gates or entrance
🛑No Masks or Prayer Mats will be provided so please bring your own.

🛑Please do not park in front of or in anyones driveway

The Mosque will be following a one way system so please follow the signs for exit after Salah 


 Do Not Park infront of anyones driveway nor inside their driveway without permission. Owners will clamp cars if they find anyone utilising their property without permission.  The mosque will not be held responsible. 


Please respect the volunteers decision and avoid making requests on behalf of other people at the gate.


May Allah reward you for your kind co-operation. 


Madina Masjid Oxford