About Madina Masjid Oxford

Welcome to Madina Masjid Oxford

We are a welcoming Masjid belonging to Ahl-Sunna wal-Jamā’ah in the centre of Oxford.

As those seeking knowledge and guidance in the Qur’ān and Sunnah, we welcome people from all background, ethnicities and cultures.
We believe that Qur’ān and Sunnah contain within it a blue print of how one can worship Allāh, follow the ways of Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him] and serve the community at large.
Please come and join us!


Madina Masjid stands at a place where Muslims have been gathering together for just over three decades. The building at 2 Stanley Road, Oxford was purchased by a  group of local elders and subsequently converted into a Mosque in 1984. It has since been known as Stanley Rd Mosque by the locals. It is thus one  of the earliest formed Mosques in the City of Oxford.

As well as establishing facilities for the daily five prayers, the mosque also operated educational classes in the evening, covering a wide range of subjects that were attended by male and females.Madina Masjid Oxford also met the marriage and burial requirements of the young and growing muslim community. It also provided guidance for the wider non-muslim community interested in Islam and its activities.

Madina Masjid Today

Over the years, the mosque building has changed significantly. The influx of people into Oxford have brought a new population that has increased its numbers substantially.
Today Madina Masjid Oxford is a flourishing mosque made up of a range of people, families, locals, students, international visitors, older folk and young people.
For more information about what goes on at Madina Masjid Oxford please browse the website or pick up some welcome information in the mosque, and for details of current programme and events please see our current events.

Our Imāms

Imām Ataullah Khan

Imām Ataullah Khan

Senior Imam

Imām Ataullah Khan is a traditionally-trained Muslim Scholar, a Hāfiz [memoriser] of the Qur’an and Instructor in Arabic. He studied the traditional Islamic disciplines in Karāchi, Pakistan. He holds a Masters in shariah from Wifaqul Madaris.

Imām Ataullah Khan is currently the Senior Imām at Madina Masjid Oxford. He is also a Senior Teacher  at Madina Institute Oxford where he teaches Tafsīr [Jalālayn], Hadith [Mishkāt al-Masābīh], Fiqh [al-Hidāyah] as well as Arabic . 

When he is not leading prayers and teaching, he is delivering talks around the UK and is a senior advisor on various shariah boards.

He speaks and writes in four languages: English, Urdu, Arabic and Pashto.

Imām Faizullah

Imām Faizullah

Imām Faizullah is a traditionally-trained Muslim Scholar, a Hāfiz [memoriser] of the Qur’an and Instructor in Arabic. He studied the traditional Islamic disciplines in Uttar Pradesh, India. He is currently the deputy Imām at Madina Masjid Oxford and also teaches Qurānic Recitation at Madina Institute Oxford.

Our Committee Members

Mr Sadat Khan


Mr Sadiq Ghulam


Mr Mohammed Akbar


Our Trustees

Mr Ali Asghar


Mr Abdullah Khan


Mr Karim Bakhsh


Mr Riaz


Mr Ayaz