Admission Information 2020-2021

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Persons Responsible: Madina Institute Senior Management Team

Madina Institute Oxford (MIO) is  an evening supplementary Islamic school (madrasah) in accordance with the teachings of the Sunni Muslim faith.

The madrasah admission policy, as such, provides for entry for all Muslim children, with preference given to those families who adhere to the teachings of the Sunni Muslim faith.

Madina Institute Oxford is fully committed to equal opportunities in education. No applicant to Madina Institute Oxford will be discriminated against on the basis of race, nationality, colour or ethnic origin.

At the Madrasah teachings of Islam permeates every aspect of the madrasah’s activity. It is essential that the Islamic character of the madrasah’s education is fully supported and endorsed by all families in the madrasah.

The Senior Management Team will not place any restrictions on admissions unless they are advised that the number of children for whom admission is sought is likely to exceed this number.

This arrangement is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Principal.

Reports from a school currently attended by an applicant are not always available and thus do not form part of the selection procedure.

Waiting list

Children who are not admitted will have their name placed on a waiting list. The names on this waiting list will be in the order resulting from the application of the admissions criteria. It is possible that a child who moves into the area later to have a higher priority than a child who has been on the waiting list for some time. If a place becomes available within the admission number, the child whose name is at the top of the list will be offered a place.

Late applications  

Where there is a good reason for an application being received after the closing date for applications and where it is received before the management have established their list of children to be admitted, the management may consider the application at the same time as all the others that were received on time. Otherwise, applications which are received after the closing date will be considered after all the others that were received on time and placed on the waiting list in order according to the criteria.


Non-routine admissions

It sometimes happens that a child requires admission other than at the ‘normal’ time; such admissions are known as non-routine admissions. Parents wishing their child to attend this madrasah should arrange to meet with the principal. They will be provided with an application form. If there is a place in the year group, a place will be offered otherwise parents will be offered a right to remain on the waiting list.

Fraudulent applications

If the madrasah finds that false information has been provided on the application, the child will not be given a place at the Madrasah. If a place has been offered and the information given turns out to be false at a later date, that place may be withdrawn by the management. If the child is allowed to continue at the madrasah, even though the information was false, their sibling/s will not be given priority for place/s under the admissions criteria.


Refusal of a place

Some applicants may not meet the satisfactory requirement and places will not be offered.

Review of policy

The Senior Management Team of Madina Institute Oxford will reserve the right to review this policy as and when necessary.


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